Auto Transport

Auto Transport : Open & Enclosed Services Available

Auto Transport : Open & Enclosed Services Available

When you book your move with Lighthouse Vanlines you can rest assured that you will have just one point of contact for both your Household Move and Auto Transport. Your vehicle will travel on a separate car hauler, designed to get you your vehicle safe and sound. Full value protection with no deductible to you is included in the rate. We go the extra mile to make sure that your entire move goes off without a hitch.

Open Auto Shipping

The term ‘open shipping’ describes this type of auto transport fairly well. Open shipping refers to open car carriers with the capacity to haul up to ten cars at one time. These trailers are the industry standard, and nearly all cars that are shipped travel by this method. Most dealerships get their vehicles from the manufacturer via open shipping.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed shipping options are available on most routes. Because the truck cannot carry as many vehicles, the attention to detail paid by the driver and the increased insurance coverage this option is generally more expensive.

Open Vs. Enclosed

There are many different choices that are involved in a move, including those that are associated with car shipping. Many different companies operate this type of service, but there are many aspects that most consumers do not know about. When confronted by the term ‘auto transport’, most people simply think of the large trailers that haul multiple cars and trucks down the highway. This, however, is only a single choice that consumers have these days when it comes to shipping a vehicle.

Enclosed Shipping may be a better alternative for some customers. A general rule of thumb in the industry is if your vehicle is currently worth more than $100k than an enclosed transport may be the viable transport option for you.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

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